Spending time at the bank is good, having a successful session is better. We are going to explain you, in a simple and concrete way, 5 tricks which lead to the success of a session.

1. Locate the carps on the lake

There are several possibilities, either you are in a private pond with a post already reserved and allocated and then you will have to deal with the same swim. Or you can choose the swim once you arrive on site. 

  • Assigned swim : It is possible to get information from the previous angler or from the internet. It is very important to find a clean area on which to place the tackle and bait. 
  • Free position :  walk, scan the water surface and observe every movement : jumps, bubbles on the surface... Any sign that carp are present is valuable. A pair of polarised glasses to remove the reflection on the surface of the water and a pair of binoculars is essential to spot effectively over a long distance and with speed.

2. Setting up a strategy

As soon as the position is found, it is necessary to concentrate on the strategy to be adopted to make the carps come and to bite. Always depending on what you have observed, no need to arrive and bait in large quantities without thinking

If you decide to attract fish because the search was difficult and you are not sure that the fish are in your area, it is better to scatter its rods and not "put all the eggs in one basket". This will help us to locate them by testing.

On the other hand, if the feeding zone is known, you should not hesitate to bait a large area to make them stop and eat. Then, it will be necessary to be assiduous and precise

3. Precision and regularity are your friends

This is the key to success in many situations. Take distance sticks, clip your line at the right distance, note the "stick distance wraps" on your phone as well as a marker to keep the right axis day and night for each rod allows you to be extremely efficient, precise and very discreet because you don't have to make 5 casts per rod to replace it. 

You can place each rod on individual poles placed in perfect alignment with the direction. 

Then the rods must be cast regularly if activity is observed on the spot, oil slicks on the surface, jumps of carps above the lines, a few bips... And especially if a run is made, as soon as the fish is put in the net, Before you even get to the photo shoot, take your spomb rod and re-bait. There is no need to put on 10kgs, between 4 and 8 average spomb is enough. It is better to put 5 spomb in every 2 hours rather than 20 and leave it without activity. 

One important thing is that, depending on the swim you are fishing, the fish are only present at certain times, so baiting at regular times and outside of the times they are eating avoids scaring them and creating a stressful environment.

4. Efficient rigs for difficult ponds 

There is no need to make technical and complicated rigs for the simple reason that it must be easy to redo one in any condition. 

It is always less easy at night in the cold and rain. A simple rig, in which you feel confident, is perfect. It is essential to be sure that the rig remains effective after casting the line. Clipping your rods also allows you to check on impact that the leader has properly extended just before hitting the surface. You should then simply keep in touch with your line to feel the impact of the lead on the bottom, which allows you to know if you are in a clean area. 

The perfect rig could be a stiff braided line, stripped to the last inch before the hook, used with a semi-fixed lead system. This will save a lot of difficult fishing. 

Obviously you have to adapt your strategy according to the circumstances encountered, not fishing an obstacle in the same way as an open spot without too many obstacles.


5. To be attentive and adaptable

Keeping an eye on the surface of the water allows you to understand a lot, to interpret the fish's behaviour and to change your strategy if the initial one does not pay off. 

Walking along your swim can save or even make a fishing trip unforgettable. What could be more magical to save a session? 

And you, what are your tips to avoid going home with no results?