It is clear that baits are not everything when you are fishing for carp, but they are an important factor not to be underestimated. Seeds are easily found ready to use in fishing shops but in very small volumes, it is simple to prepare them in an efficient way and for a lower cost, that's what we will see together!

1. Selection of our seeds

The corn, the hemp and the tiger nuts are seeds which will retain our attention to fish all the year. Only the quantities can vary according to the seasons. We can easily find corn and hemp seeds in cooperatives for a very low price, while tiger nuts can be found mainly in fishing shops. 

2. Seeds preparation 

We must not skip any steps and cook the seeds directly. We will have to let them soak for 24 hours, so that they can be "washed" and not be completely dry. This will reduce the cooking time afterwards.

3. Cooking 

We will now move on to cooking the seeds. To do this, we will remove them from the soaking water and put them in "clean" water. This is an important step and will add a bit of a "punch" to it. I personally like to season my seeds in different ways. This is my personal opinion, but if you do exactly what I do, you will get perfect seeds that the carps love.

Salt should be added to the maize, at a rate of 500g to 1kg for 10kgs of dry maize. Sweet pepper in the hemp seed, this time about 300 grams for 10 kgs and sugar in the tiger nuts, 1 kg for 10 kgs of seeds.

This way we have 3 types of seeds, seasoned in 3 different ways, ensuring an explosive mix.

The last important aspect of cooking is the duration. 

Rather than "time", let's do it visually or by taste. Corn should be cut when a good portion of the seeds have popped and are soft when tasted. For hemp seeds, wait until a large quantity of white germ is visible. And finally for the tiger nuts, they must be well browned and swollen.

4. Use

The hemp seed and corn should be used as soon as the seeds have been cooked. Keep them in their cooking juices, as they are full of natural attractants. Tiger nuts are best after a few days of fermentation. When the water in which they have finished cooking becomes a "thick gelatine", it is perfect. 

Do not mix them once they are cooked, take them to the bank in their own buckets, and mix only the amount you are going to use. This will ensure that the seasonings in each are not quickly dissipated.

5. Preservation 

The hemp seed and corn cannot be stored except in the freezer. Tiger nuts, on the other hand, can be left in their juice at room temperature for years. Alcohol is formed during the fermentation process and they are self-preserving. As long as there are some left over, they can be used and will always catch carp. 

Do you have any other tips for using your seeds?