Vaulaurent's lake

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Saint-Martin-sur-Oust, Morbihan (56)
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Overview of Vaulaurent's lake

The Vaulaurent's lake is a private lake of 12 hectares (30 acres), located in Morbihan, in Brittany. It is divided into 8 fishing swims which can accommodate 2 anglers per swim.
The environment is very wild and in the middle of a quiet and rural valley near a to the village of Saint Martin sur Oust.

The Vaulaurent's pond is a place for carp fishing in Brittany. It is a very old lake and its ecosystem is naturally balanced, the bottom of the pond is covered with mud. The water depth varies between 1.5m and 3.5m.

The Vaulaurent's lake is a perfect spot for carp fishing in France. The current owners are very welcoming and have greatly contributed to the quality of the carp stock: many mirror, common, zips and fullys. The biggest common carp weighs 27.5kg (61lbs) and miroir 33kg (73lbs) we also find about fifteen carps of more than 22 kg, many between 16 and 20 kg and an important quantity of carps in the range of 10 to 15 kg (35lbs).

The Vaulaurent's pond is entirely private, but it is nevertheless mandatory to have a federal fishing permit.In fact, the pond is crossed by a stream which requires the possession of a fishing licence. For those who do not have one, it will be possible to buy it on the spot, on arrival, from Michel, the owner.

Facilities of Vaulaurent's lake

For carp anglers who like to fish from a biwy, it is possible at the Vaulaurent. But for those who want more comfort, the Vaulaurent's pond also has 2 fully equipped cottages just in front of the fishing swims n°1 and 2.

Since the work carried out by the owners, the pond is fully secured, a modern sanitary block has been built and the paths have been completely renewed for direct access to the fishing swims.

The Vaulaurent's Pond has a Club House, located next to the reception, for the convenience of all its guests. It is a large wooden chalet where you will find free of charge fridges, freezers, a microwave, an electric coffee machine, an electric hob, a sink for washing up with hot water, and numerous electric sockets for recharging boat batteries, computers and mobile phones.

This place is shared and therefore accessible to all anglers. For reasons of quietness of the surrounding swims, it is not allowed to use the Club House facilities between 11:00pm and 07:00am, except in case of an emergency.

A free secure WIFI network is also available in this common area. Login details will be provided on arrival if requested.

A sanitary block equipped with WC, washbasin and shower (hot) IS available at the entrance, 24 hours a day.

It is requested to leave the toilets and the club house clean after use.

It is possible to rent boats for baiting on swims 1 and 2 only.

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Swims of Vaulaurent's lake


Chalets 1 and 2 each have 3 beds (1 double bed and 1 single bed). Reservations possible from 48 hours of fishing. The price of the chalet includes a maximum of 2 anglers and 2 guests. If you wish to invite other people who are not fishermen, it is possible, you will have to pay a supplement to Michel at your arrival of 5€/night for each additional guest (except for children under 5 years old) and plan the sleeping accommodation accordingly.

For biwy fishing swim, you can fish up to two anglers and add non-anglers directly to the booking (free for children under 5 years old). The minimum reservation is one week (from Saturday).

Exclusive bookings can accommodate up to 10 anglers. You can also bring non-fishing guests. They will have to pay 5€/night to Michel on arrival.

Prices of Vaulaurent's lake

Availability of Vaulaurent's lake

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Location of Vaulaurent's lake

Rules of Vaulaurent's lake

By coming to fish on the lake, anglers accept the following rules of procedure. Photographs taken on site may be used by the owners of the site (unless the angler requests otherwise when fishing). The owners are authorized to carry out random checks to verify compliance with the rules. An increased surveillance is made on the venue and the owners can exclude people who do not respect the rules. GoCarp and the owners of the lake are not responsible for any incident on the site (accidents, thefts...).



The federal fishing license is required to fish the Vaulaurent's Pond. You must be able to show it to the manager before your installation.

The federal guards as well as the Gendarmerie Nationale may be required to carry out controls at the pond. It is possible to buy the license on site.

Each swim is equipped with garbage containers, with selective sorting. At your arrival a deposit of 25 euros will be asked to ensure the cleanliness of the swim , the selective sorting of your garbage and the protection of the materials provided by the manager.

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  • Pêche autorisée uniquement en no–kill le jour et la nuit, pendant la période d’ ouverture, soit de la deuxième semaine de mars à la troisième semaine d’ octobre.
  • Heure d’arrivée : 12h00.
  • Heure de départ : 10h00.
  • 12 pêcheurs maximum pour l’étang de la Livardière, 3 pêcheurs maximum pour l’étang du Prince, 3 pêcheurs maximum pour l’étang du mortier noir.
  • Matelas de réception obligatoire.
  • Filets et sacs de conservation interdits.
  • Tresse en corps de ligne interdite.
  • Pas de plombée fixe.
  • Hameçon sans ardillon, taille maximale n°1.
  • Cannes sans surveillance, marquage ou mutilation du poisson sont interdits.
  • Bâteaux amorceurs autorisés.
  • Bateau conseillé pour la période du 15 mai au 20 juin, les pêcheurs seront équipés obligatoirement de gilets de sauvetage, rames et/ou moteur électrique uniquement.
  • Toutes les graines doivent être cuites.
  • Bouillettes fraîches uniquement (sans conservateur), un congélateur est à disposition à cet effet.
  • Feux au sol strictement interdits, barbecues sur pied autorisés.
  • Ne pas laisser mégots de cigarettes, capsules métalliques et autres détritus sur le poste, mettre les verres dans les poubelles noires et les autres déchets dans les containers situés à l’entrée du site.
  • Les chiens ne sont pas autorisés sur le site, ou uniquement tenus en laisse.
  • Les enfants sont sous la seule responsabilité de leurs parents.
  • Pas de bruits excessifs ni de radios trop fortes.
  • Vitesse maximale autorisée de 20 km/heure sur les accès.
  • Le propriétaire du domaine, Carp fighter et le domaine de Saint Frambault sont dégagés de toutes responsabilités en cas d’accident, de vols ou de dégâts matériels.
  • Toutes les photos prises sur le site pourront être utilisées à des fins commerciales par Carpfighter.(sauf demande contraire).
  • Toute personne contrevenant au présent règlement sera immédiatement exclue sans remboursement.